Get that spa glow right at home! If you've ever gotten a facial at the spa before, you'll notice that they steam your face as the very first step. This is because steaming softens the surface of your skin and opens pores for a deep clean to get all the dirt, makeup remains and toxins out that daily cleansers may miss, making it the perfect first step to your skincare ritual.

After cleansing, our Detox Facial Steam will maximize the following steps in your skincare routine due to its pore opening ability. Any serums, moisturizers, or oils applied after this steam will penetrate even deeper and absorb faster for maximum benefits!

Super ingredients:

  • Eucalyptus Leaf: A natural antiseptic and antibacterial herb, eucalyptus also is traditionally used to relieve congestion when inhaled
  • Lemon Balm: Deriving from the mint family, lemon balm is packed full of antioxidants to aid in skin health
  • White Sage Leaf: A powerful herb with calming and detoxing properties, we love white sage for all the vitamins that are beneficial to a glowing skin complexion

Deeply inhale the soothing vapors and relax your mind as your pores start to open! You’ll be amazed at how bouncy and soft your face will feel

Detox Facial Steam Tea


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