Learn the secrets of success in job hunting from Lisa A. Holmes, a human resources expert with more than thirty years’ experience. Her “soup-to-nuts” guide will help you hone your hunting skills, land and keep your desired job in an ever-changing market.

This practical guide to the modern career search will help you better understand the emotional journey of the job search, how to create a stellar résumé and develop strong communication skills, and get insider knowledge of what HR and recruiters look for in a candidate.

Whether you are a college senior, or “downsized,” or in transition, or looking to get back into the job market, Lisa A. Holmes will help you overcome the stress associated with job hunting. You will better understand your current skills and gaps, develop a career strategy, and create the right résumé. Launch from there into practical networking techniques, negotiating with prospective employers, and understanding how to stay relevant in this evolving economy.


Job Hunting. NOW What? Keeping It Real in the Modern Career Search

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